Charles Jeffrey's LOVERBOY - SS18 by Theo Adams Company

Theo Adams Company directed Charles Jeffrey's SS18 show as part of London Fashion Week Mens. - 

"A dance performance choreographed by The Theo Adams Company sent a throng of pink, cardboard clad figures around the catwalk in what felt like an alternative nativity scripted by Quentin Crisp and Boy George." Wallpaper*

"The ‘we’ and the ‘our’ is the collective point about the Loverboy phenomenon. Jeffrey is less a singular design genius—though his particular talent is painterly, spontaneous illustration—than a ringmaster and pied piper of many who have formed a movement sprung straight out of the British art school tradition. Working from a subsidized studio in Somerset House, Jeffrey orchestrates the performance director Theo Adams and 3-D costume designers Gary Card and Jack "Appleyard, calls on former Central Saint Martins classmate Richard Quinn for prints and the expert seamstress Sybil Rouge for tailoring... What was most remarkable here was the sense of transformative joy rather than anger that Charles Jeffrey and company communicate together. Choosing to be cheerful is in itself an act of defiance against the forces of darkness, and that feeling ran right through the audience." Vogue

Director - Theo Adams | Soundtrack - Jordan Hunt | Choreography - Masumi Saito

ART SCHOOL - AW17 by Theo Adams Company

Theo Adams Company created the show for ArtSchool's debut presentation for Fashion East during London Fashion Week Mens at the Topman Space at the Old Selfridges Hotel


Director – Theo Adams | Soundtrack – Jordan Hunt | Choreography – Masumi Saito | Set Design - Alice Kirkpatrick

Featuring Theo Adams Company members Sophia Brown, Anna Lewenhaupt & Mariya Mizuno and TAC collaborator Pippa Brooks


“It was a tender, sweet, dramatic thing to see, this birth of the new Art School label, clearly done on a shoestring, but with facilitating help from so many quarters—Lulu Kennedy’s Fashion East for one, and the amazing young director Theo Adams, for another.” Sarah Mower -Vogue

“The models included dancers from the Theo Adams Company. The energetic presentation was set to a half-hour soundtrack that blended music and spoken word. The sounds of Judi Dench reciting “Macbeth,” the score of “Bugsy Malone” and orchestral piano were heard over the dancers and models acting out their drama rehearsal.” The New York Times

“Non-models free-formed to Adams’s direction with a freedom matched only by the interpretative tolerance of their clothes. This was bespoke otherness—so, hardly buyable in mass units for department stores—but it was unfettered, liberated from libido, and pure. It was fashion. You won’t see this in Milan.” Vogue


Theo Adams Company brought Charles Jeffrey's vision to life for the LOVERBOY AW17 show as part of London Fashion Week Mens.  

Director - Theo Adams | Soundtrack - Jordan Hunt-  Choreography - Masumi Saito  | Assistant Choreographer - Jordan Hunt

“London's favourite club kid teams up with Gary Card and Theo Adams to create a fantastical performance for AW17” Dazed and Confused

“The presentation itself was an outre thrill, the Theo Adams dance troupe — near-naked, mud-caked — providing a percussive pagan thrum.” Tim Blanks BOF

“Loverboy was a major theatrical moment. The work was excellent on its own, but the show’s staging took it to a whole other place. Before the first model came out, dancers caked in mud took position against walls and around pillars. Their movement, choreographed by Theo Adams Company, was territorial stomps.” The Financial Times


Theo Adams Company's debut film project 'Safety Curtain' which premiered on Channel 4 this spring will be screened at the first 'Arctic Moving Image & Film Festival' in Harstad, an Arctic town of Northern Norway on the 28th of October. Tickets and more information HERE

THANK YOU by Theo Adams Company

Thank you to everyone that came to the Tate Britain last week to see our new performance 'Taking Away Your Space'. We are very sorry to those that had to queue for hours in the cold and especially those that didn't make it inside due to the Tate going way over capacity. We weren't expecting so many of you! 

 "Theo Adams casts us under his spell with his latest theatrical performance Fresh from his spectacular Late at Tate show, we meet the musical maestro Theo Adams and his troupe of marvellous performers." i-D

An exclusive interview about the show with Theo Adams and some backstage photos with i-D HERE

"Theo Adams and his London-based collective of artists, dancers, musicians, actors and singers descended on Tate Britain on Friday night to round off Late At Tate Britain: Mantra, treating packed crowds to their first London performance in years. Flying out of left field, as always, to send confetti flying, The Theo Adams Company closed the night with the red-lit writhing of their passionate performance art." LOVE Magazine

View some photos of the performance on the LOVE magazine website HERE


Masumi Saito | Sophia Monique Brown | Mariya Mizuno | IMMA | Jordan Hunt | Nando Messias | Martin Cohn | Jordan Robson | Helen Noir | Catherine J Russell | Anna Lewenahupt | Sarah Moore | Charlie Stock | Theo Adams |  And featuring the voice of Chycca Tatsumi


Director -  Theo Adams  |  Musical Director - Jordan Hunt  |  Choreographer - Masumi Saito  |  Projections - Sam Williams


Costumes -  Matthew Josephs & Ed Marler |  Makeup - Isamaya Ffrench |  Hair - Shiori Takahashi |  Nails - Tomoko Kurodo

Hidden Installation by Svetlana Grishina

Production - Ash K Halliburton & Lama-sea Dear

TATE BRITAIN by Theo Adams Company

As part of the 'Late at Tate' series, Theo Adams Company has been commissioned to take over Tate Britain's North Duveen Gallery on Friday 7th of October. 

Slow Curtain... The End - Film Still

Slow Curtain... The End - Film Still

With a new live durational performance and an exclusive preview of their new film project, Theo Adams Company will return to Tate Britain for the first time since their debut performance as a company over eight years ago. 

- 6 pm – 7:45 pm – 'Slow Curtain… The End' - PREVIEW SCREENING -

An exclusive first glimpse of Theo Adams Company's latest film project, to be released in 2017 (11mins on a loop).

- 8:00 pm – 9:40 pm – 'Taking Away Your Space' – LIVE PERFORMANCE -

'Taking Away Your Space' is a new durational performance by Theo Adams Company, created for Tate Britain, in response to 'Veil' by Iranian artist Shirazeh Houshiary.

BEAUTY PAPERS by Theo Adams Company

A selection of portraits from behind the scenes of Theo Adams Company’s new film project – ‘SLOW CURTAIN…THE END’ (Coming Soon) have been published in the Movement issue of Beauty Papers

The Moment the performers completed their performances photographer Tom Johnson captured the cast still out of breath, sweaty and delirious with no time to recover, no make-up and hair touch-ups. 

Creative Direction Theo Adams | Make-Up Isamaya Ffrench | Styling Nick Royal | Hair Soichi Inagaki | Nails Imarni - 

LOVE Magazine - Interview by Theo Adams Company

The new issue of LOVE magazine features an interview with Theo Adams by writer Jack Sunnucks and Portraits by photographer Ezra Petronio. OUT NOW 


"Theo emerges on set for the last shoot of the day, after several hours vigorously directing the LOVE hair and make- up team to do exactly what he wants. He asks for Jennifer Holliday performing ‘And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going’ from Dreamgirls to be played at top volume, and launches into a full performance. Arms held aloft, grief- stricken expression on his face, he mouths the words to Ezra, the photographer. A lot of very tired people watch transfixed and break into applause, whooping as he finishes. Film or stage, this is what Theo’s work is about, drawing you into a place of abandon, and raw emotion, and really loud music. His films are simply a continuation of his performances, but instead of a moment for a room full of people, it’s meant to be a shout heard round the world. "