Cry Out

ICA - London | Za Koenji - Tokyo | Donaufestival - Austria

"Theo Adams, a 20-year old British performer and director, brought big drama to the Klangraum Minoritenkirche. ‘Bigger than life' seemed to be the motto. Adams transformed the surrealism of diva and drag performance and raised it all to galactic levels. Very big emotions in even bigger gestures, supported by impressive sounds ranging from Arvo Päth to Radiohead. Passionately displayed suffering from the superhuman role, which encapsulates the diva consciousness. Sunset Boulevard on the shore of the Danube." ORF - Austrian National Public Service Broadcaster

"The Theo Adams Company is a collective of the most alluring lungs, limbs and entrancingly lascivious performers you couldn’t have dreamt up. Headed by 20- year-old Theo Adams, the group have been touring cities across the globe throughout 2010 and on a recent wintry weekend Adams, with his superb and diverse cast presented the London Premiere of “Cry Out” at the ICA. This was a spectacle of impassioned revelry and dramatic despair all dressed up in a pair of ten inch heels and a lipstick red dress. From start to finish, the stage exploded in a visceral and emotive soundtrack from power divas with an opulent flood of ruby glitter and pained, mascara streaked cheeks. “Cry Out” is an unashamed glutton of subverted glamour that appeals to the cathartic heart and summons the spirit. Entirely mesmerising." i-D Magazine

The documentary 'Nine Days of Cry Out'‘ captured the drama behind the scenes of the Japanese production was released in 2010, directed by Toshinori Tanaka.

Cry Out Press Images

 Photography by David Sims

Styling by Matthew Josephs

Make Up by Ayami Nishimura

Hair by Tomihiro Kono

Nails by Pebbles Aikens