The Theo Adams Company is an ever growing and diverse London-based collective of the world’s most exciting multidisciplinary artists, designers, dancers, musicians, and performers, brought together from across the globe by artist and director Theo Adams. They create unique large-scale theatrical productions, film, event, photography and sound work.

Their debut production was premiered at Tate Britain, London in 2008 and they have since gone on to stage their work at some of the world's most prestigious theatres and art institutions as well as bridging fashion, art and performance through carefully selected partnerships with designers, artists and brands for major creative collaborations.


Tate Britain – London

Channel 4

Veuve Clicquot / FKA Twigs – London 

Museum of Old and New Art – Tasmania 

Grant St Theatre – Melbourne

Tate Modern – London

Latitude Festival – UK

Watermill Center Residency – New York 

Liberty – London

ICA – London

Louis Vuitton – Tokyo

MAC / 180 Strand - London

Donau Festival – Austria

Za Koenji Theatre – Tokyo

W Magazine – (David Sims – Camilla Nickerson

Hannah Barry Gallery – London



P.S.1 Contemporary Art Centre, MOMA - New 

York Berkeley Art Museum - California

Arctic Moving Image & Film Festival - Norway 

Institute of Contemporary Art - Philadelphia 

Centre of Contemporary Art - Glasgow 

KwaZulu-Natal Society of Arts - South Africa


 "London avant-garde's most celebrated new phenomena."  W Magazine

"The Theo Adams Company combine references as diverse as classical opera, reality television, high camp and Greek tragedy. Directed by the self-taught Adams, the company brings together performers from a vast array of disciplines to produce often overwhelming productions that cut through the boundaries of stage play and performance art. Heralded as an invigorating addition to London's alternative scene, Adams has provided a meeting point for leftfield performers that gives them a platform to express aspects of their creativity, perhaps otherwise not given an outlet." AnOther Magazine

“Theo Adams lip-synched his way to the top of the art world.”  Paper Magazine

"Theo Adams is a creative force unseen since the heydays of Leigh Bowery. Onstage, his performances are at once touching and emotional, but delivered with a ballsy conviction that leaves the audience both bewildered and euphoric." Paul Flynn for Ponystep Magazine

“Theo Adams Company, the explosive and enigmatic performance collective."  American Vogue  

"“If you’re not already familiar with the name Theo Adams, you’re officially a dying species."  British Vogue

"Theo Adams creates a sensory spectacle with his indefinably cathartic artwork." Dazed and Confused

"The Theo Adams Company is a collective of the most alluring lungs, limbs and entrancingly lascivious performers you couldn’t have dreamt up. Headed by Theo Adams, the group have been touring cities across the globe. This was a spectacle of impassioned revelry and dramatic despair all dressed up in a pair of ten inch heels and a lipstick red dress. From start to finish, the stage exploded in a visceral and emotive soundtrack from power divas with an opulent flood of ruby glitter and pained, mascara streaked cheeks; unashamed glutton of subverted glamour that appeals to the cathartic heart and summons the spirit. Entirely mesmerising." i-D

”A visionary explosion of performance art. An all-encompassing emotional experience that melds power ballads, classical scores, queer cabaret and expressionist dance into a mesmerizing and unforgettable work of art."  Out Magazine

"London’s coolest collective. A troupe of immensely skilled dancers, singers and actors, together they create intense, high-energy immersive performances for discerning clients, from a Louis Vuitton warehouse production in Tokyo to FKA twigs, for whom they created a haunting live artwork for the Veuve Clicquot Widow Series." - The Evening Standard

"His sophisticated performance instinct is tied to the night. He has always defied gender constrictions and brought trailing in his wake a thorough understanding of what it means to perform as if your life depends on it. " LOVE Magazine

“Theo Adams was frocking up as Dame Edna Everage at the age of four. He made his West End debut at nine. He left school at 15 to pursue his art, and at 20 was commissioned to create a work for Louis Vuitton featuring more than 80 performers.” The Sydney Morning Herald

“Born, raised and based in London, performer Theo Adams is a one-of-a- kind creative genius who redefines the notion of what theatre is and can be. Working along with his eponymous company, which numbers at least twenty other artists from any and every stage discipline, Adams has been building a legendary international reputation. Pioneering an idiosyncratic fusion of opulent spectacle and experimental improvisation, his vision is fuelled by a passionate conviction about the transformative powers of ritualized catharsis. Attracting fascinated attention and earning fawning accolades simultaneously from the art, theatre and fashion worlds, his unapologetic brand of fearless self-expression draws inspiration from disparate sources, ranging from drag to Hollywood and Onnagata to Broadway, for a deeply moving theatrical experience that transcends all the forms it borrows from.” Nakedbutsafe Magazine Berlin

The Company

Creative Team & Collaborators - PRETTYBIRD | YASMINA DEXTER |FKA twigs | SAM WILLIAMS | MATTHEW STONE | JENNY LAW | BLAKE WOOD | Shiori Takahash i Chris Murdoch |Nick Royal | SAMI KNIGHT | Darrell Berry | NICOLE ROBSON | Fayann Smith | svetlana Grishina