The Day I Set You Free - Josh Wood Atelier & Liberty of London 

Transformation of Liberty

"Theo Adams Company followed the success of their ICA sell-out production, Cry Out, with a special happening at Liberty, feting in-store salon Josh Wood Atelier. On multiple storeys, the collective of dancers, musicians, artists and performers emerged as 20 blonde bombshells, turning the tudor atrium into a euphoric glitter shower spectacle, soundtracked by Motown's finest diva" Dazed and Confused

"The Theo Adams Company Transforms Liberty London Into Pure Theater for Josh Wood Atelier" Bullet Magazine

" All eyes skywards as the iconic Liberty balconies suddenly unveil a sea of peroxide blonde ladies in red and the show begins. Swaying siren divas in every corner (on and off the stage) as the infamous (in certain circles) Miss Theo Adams appears.I remember momentarily acting cool and nonchalant at the back before unashamedly virtually crawling to the front row. For an hour or so I surrendered to the music and the madness, probably definitely ending up with a moment or two on stage dancing with Josh and Theo, and Kristen McNenamy." Laura Bailey, Vogue

"Those that need a cabaret, you’ll find no finer than the Theo Adams Company"  You Magazine