FKA TWIGS / STREETERS / veuve clicquot

“Theo Adams Company put on an enthralling performance.” Dazed & Confused

“In the basement of a labyrinthine warehouse, a woman lies on a hospital bed while an unfeasibly long length of ribbon unspools from her mouth. She’s being watched by bedside visitors in sober coats and outsize wigs; they end up lip-synching to power ballads like the most melodramatic of drag queens, hurling themselves against the wire of the cage they’re in.“ The Guardian

“The most explicit riff on this ambivalence was in London performance artist Theo Adams’s Leo room. Located in the basement, this set was a cold psych ward populated with highly-made up drag queens and other colorful characters. At the flash of an “On Air” sign, they jostled to lip sync as they clawed at their wire enclosure, before lining up to perform a can-can with rictus grins.” The Fader


Sophia Monique Brown

Jordan Hunt

Anna Lewenhaupt

Nando Messias

Mariya Mizuno

Sarah Moore

Jordan Robson

Masumi Saito

Imma Asher


Creative Director -  Theo Adams 

Musical Director - Jordan Hunt 

Set Designer - Alice Kirkpatrick

Choreographer - Masumi Saito

Movement Director - Nando Messias


Wardrobe - Ed Marler & Matthew Josephs

Make Up - Isamaya Ffrench

Hair Designs - Sami Knight