SAFETY CURTAIN had its world premiere on the 9th May 2016 on Channel 4, UK.

"Theo Adams created a highly stylized ‘fake’ trailer for a non-existent movie. Including high camp elements of horror fiction and eroticism–this is the most dramatic film you’ll never see." Channel 4

“It’s brilliant, the cast clawing at their skin and hyperventilating over blancmanges, before coming together as a weird many-headed beast” LOVE Magazine


SAFETY CURTAIN is the story of a group of women trapped behind a safety curtain made of past traumas. The world goes on yet they continue to burn inside their seemingly inconspicuous house. Playing a dangerous game, they face, over and over, the damage done to them - damage caused by love, fame, infertility, loss and the male. In what turns out to be the most wicked game yet, the women must not only confront the things that have unhinged them; they must finally face themselves.

A Theo Adams Company Production - Starring:

Masumi Saito | Nando Messias |  Anna Lewenhaupt |  Isamaya Ffrench |  Helen Noir | Phoebe Collings-James | Michael-John Harper| Jordan Hunt | Yasmina Dexter | Josh Wilks Featuring the Voices of Chycca Tatsumi | Charlie Stock

Directed by Theo Adams Produced by Marius Rocholl Edited by Sam Williams Screenplay by Martin Cohn Original Score by Jordan Hunt

Camera/Directors of Photography - Ben Streek & Jon Scott ( First Assistant Director - Marius Rocholl Movement Director - Nando Messias Production Design Jake Marshall & Jordan Hunt Make-Up Design - Isamaya Ffrench Hair Design - Elvire Roux Costume Stylist - Yasmina Dexter Wardrobe Supervisor - Natalie Caroline Wilkins Stills Post Production- Josh Wilks Production Coordinator - Andrea Adams On Set Documentation - Blake Wood Production Assistant - Sabine Krauthauser Sound Mixing - Christoph Skirl

With thanks to Margo Mars, Juliette Larthe, Daniel Fletcher, Pegah Farahmand, Channel 4, Pulse Films, Prettybird and all the Theo Adams Company family. 

Theo Adams Company have contributed 20 exclusive film stills from SAFETY CURTAIN to - 'A23 - Vol.1 : The Mysticism of the Female'

"A23 articulates a vision of contemporary art through a prism of acute individualism. Published biannually in limited edition hardcover volumes, A23 invites ten prolific fine artists to contribute original work to each edition, providing a platform to directly engage the viewer with their personal ethos and spirit."