"In ‘Varieties of Religious Experience’, performers – some of which are part of the Theo Adams Company – contort across the images, shot and subsequently collaged by photographer (and performance artist himself) Matthew Stone. Like peering through keyholes, we glimpse flesh and limbs, a circle of suited men in meditation, and expressions frozen in a moment of ecstasy. Adams’ and his performers come as their own characters, in the brutally honest and ultimately captivating style of performance his company has become known for. Stylist Katie Shillingford dresses these characters as if they had walked from their own stage wardrobes: like that of Andy, captured in a crucified stance, looking down upon those gathered below him in the futuristic cult leather of Alexander McQueen. United as a collective, the company pass through the varieties of transcendental experience – meditation, anguish and joy – a fluid performance paused for one, drawn-out second." Dazed and Confused


Photography and Collage by Matthew Stone

Directon by Theo Adams

Styling by Katie Shillingford

Make-Up by Lauren Parsons

Hair by Roxane Attard