LOVE Magazine - Interview / by Theo Adams Company

The new issue of LOVE magazine features an interview with Theo Adams by writer Jack Sunnucks and Portraits by photographer Ezra Petronio. OUT NOW 


"Theo emerges on set for the last shoot of the day, after several hours vigorously directing the LOVE hair and make- up team to do exactly what he wants. He asks for Jennifer Holliday performing ‘And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going’ from Dreamgirls to be played at top volume, and launches into a full performance. Arms held aloft, grief- stricken expression on his face, he mouths the words to Ezra, the photographer. A lot of very tired people watch transfixed and break into applause, whooping as he finishes. Film or stage, this is what Theo’s work is about, drawing you into a place of abandon, and raw emotion, and really loud music. His films are simply a continuation of his performances, but instead of a moment for a room full of people, it’s meant to be a shout heard round the world. "