THANK YOU / by Theo Adams Company

Thank you to everyone that came to the Tate Britain last week to see our new performance 'Taking Away Your Space'. We are very sorry to those that had to queue for hours in the cold and especially those that didn't make it inside due to the Tate going way over capacity. We weren't expecting so many of you! 

 "Theo Adams casts us under his spell with his latest theatrical performance Fresh from his spectacular Late at Tate show, we meet the musical maestro Theo Adams and his troupe of marvellous performers." i-D

An exclusive interview about the show with Theo Adams and some backstage photos with i-D HERE

"Theo Adams and his London-based collective of artists, dancers, musicians, actors and singers descended on Tate Britain on Friday night to round off Late At Tate Britain: Mantra, treating packed crowds to their first London performance in years. Flying out of left field, as always, to send confetti flying, The Theo Adams Company closed the night with the red-lit writhing of their passionate performance art." LOVE Magazine

View some photos of the performance on the LOVE magazine website HERE


Masumi Saito | Sophia Monique Brown | Mariya Mizuno | IMMA | Jordan Hunt | Nando Messias | Martin Cohn | Jordan Robson | Helen Noir | Catherine J Russell | Anna Lewenahupt | Sarah Moore | Charlie Stock | Theo Adams |  And featuring the voice of Chycca Tatsumi


Director -  Theo Adams  |  Musical Director - Jordan Hunt  |  Choreographer - Masumi Saito  |  Projections - Sam Williams


Costumes -  Matthew Josephs & Ed Marler |  Makeup - Isamaya Ffrench |  Hair - Shiori Takahashi |  Nails - Tomoko Kurodo

Hidden Installation by Svetlana Grishina

Production - Ash K Halliburton & Lama-sea Dear