THEO ADAMS COMPANY are the stars of ES MAGAZINE's 'The Creators Issue' / by Theo Adams Company


'The Creators Issue' of ES Magazine, ‘introducing Theo Adams, London’s hottest party starter,’ profiles key Theo Adams Company figures within a 7-page cover feature, entitled ‘In Good Company,’ starring founder and creative director Theo Adams, movement director Nando Messias, beauty director Isamaya Ffrench, musical director Jordan Hunt, wardrobe designer Ed Marler, choreographer Masumi Saito, set designer Alice Kirkpatrick, and performers Sophia Brown, Helen Noir, Yen-Ching Lin, and Mariya Mizuno.

Shot by Dima Hohlov and styled by Nick Royal, with make up by beauty director Isamaya Ffrench and hair by Shiori Takahashi, ES Magazine’s Frankie McCoy meets ‘London’s coolest collective to find out how the magic happens.’

Commenting on Theo Adams, Gwendoline Christie tells ES Magazine: ‘We worked together and I screamed with laughter like nothing else and was so deeply moved at how he empowered us as a company, facilitated our expression, recognised us as individuals and encouraged us to throw our hands up to heaven and celebrate ourselves coming together in an ecstatic rhythm of joy.’