Feature Interview with Theo Adams / by Theo Adams Company

Theo Adams has an in depth interview about the company's process and work in the 10th issue of NakedButSafe magazine out now


“Born, raised and based in London, performer Theo Adams is a one-of-a-kind creative genius who redefines the notion of what theatre is and can be. Working along with his eponymous company, which numbers at least twenty other artists from any and every stage discipline, Adams has been building a legendary international reputation.  Pioneering an idiosyncratic fusion of opulent spectacle and experimental improvisation, his vision is fuelled by a passionate conviction about the transformative powers of ritualized catharsis. Attracting fascinated attention and earning fawning accolades simultaneously from the art, theatre and fashion worlds, his unapologetic brand of fearless self-expression draws inspiration from disparate sources, ranging from drag to Hollywood and onnagata to Broadway, for a deeply moving theatrical experience that transcends all the forms it borrows from. “




Portraits by Jennifer Endom - Hair by Sami Knight - Make-Up by Daniel Sallstrom

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