THESPIS / by Theo Adams Company

Thespis of Icaria, according to Aristotle, was the first person to take to the stage and portray someone other than himself. On 23rd November 534 BC Thespis wore a mask and performed as Dionysus, the god of ritual madness and religious ecstasy. It was at this moment that Tragedy was created. The ghost of Thespis is said to wreak havoc upon theatres all over the world to this day, especially on 23rd November each year.

On 23rd November 2015, the Theo Adams Company united a group of performers to create a series of theatrical characters to summon the ghost of Thespis.

Published in Exhibition Magazine - Wax Issue - Available to purchase - HERE -

The entire series has also been featured on Vogue Italia's website


Photography by Neil Bedford | Creative Direction by Theo Adams | Styling by Nick Royal | Make-Up by Isamaya Ffrench | Hair by Shiori Takahashi | Nails by Imarni